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Best Exercise Books to Develop Your Finger Technique as an Intermediate Flute Player

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Hello fluters! Welcome back to another blog post. Today I'll be sharing a few technique books that I consider to be bread and butter to developing your finger technique as an intermediate flute player.

I use these books to maintain my finger technique on a daily basis and find that they always come in handy when I get stuck on a particular passage with some tricky fingering combinations.

If you'd like to find out what exercise books are essential in a flute player's collection then keep on reading!

Here is a list of my recommended exercise books for improving technique for intermediate flute players.

Taffanel, Gaubert and Moyse were all French flute extroadinaires that contributed a plethora of teaching resources and music for flute players today.

Taffenl and Gaubert's 17 Daily Exercises for Flute is a very well-known book amongst advanced flute players. It is perhaps most famous for its first two 5-note exercises, which are incredibly useful in helping flute players achieve even fingers. The exercises also require you to play them in different articulations as well.

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Moyse's Daily Exercises book introduces all the different types of scales you'll need to know as an advanced player, such as major and minor scales, chromatic scales starting on different notes, arpeggios, broken chords and interval scales (3rds, 4ths and 5ths). I'd highly recommend this book to intermediate flute players who are looking to work towards becoming an advanced player.

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The exercises in Moyse's 480 Scales and Arpeggios are quite a bit more advanced as the book compiles a large amount of difficult finger combinations and goes through them in every single configuration. I would only recommend this book for players who are already quite advanced and are looking to study the flute at a tertiary level or becoming a professional flute player.

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Trevor Wye has also published various exercise books for flute players, but the ones that I've found to be the most useful for developing finger technique are Book 6 - Advanced Practice and Complete Daily Exercises.

Trevor Wye's Book 6 - Advanced Practice has some excellent exercises dedicated to improving the independency and control of specific fingers. The exercises take you through all sorts of key signatures and difficult intervals and is definitely a book worth investing in if you're looking to get serious about your flute technique.

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Trevor Wye's Complete Daily Exercises is another great book for intermediate players to start on, as it can be quite overwhelming for intermediate players to play through all the books listed above all at once. The Complete Daily Exercises compiles a list of exercises from a range of different French technique books and is a good chance for intermediate players to get a small taster of some different technical exercises.

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Paul Edmund-Davies' The 28-Day Warm Up Book is another book that has a range of exercises for you to work on various aspects of your flute playing, such as tone, intervals, finger technique and articulation.

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Reichert's Seven Daily Exercises Op. 5 is also another really good set of exercises for intermediate players to get familiar with as they go through all the different keys with exercises that help you work on intervals, finger technique and articulation. It is also free to download on IMSLP.

Download here -

And there you have it! Those are my favourite exercise books for improving finger technique. For more flute-related resources feel free to check out my other posts.

Happy fluting!


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