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🍵Matcha Reviews: Quick fire disappointments #1

Here is a list of matcha beverages that I tried over the last few weeks that didn't quite hit the mark.

Machi Machi: Matcha Adzuki Frappe $7.50

This matcha red bean frappe by Machi Machi missed the mark for me in a few ways. The texture was too icy and the matcha flavour was not very present. When the liquid started separating from the ice the beverage became unpleasant to finish.

Final verdict: would not have again

Corner Canberra: Iced matcha latte $6

This iced matcha latte was such a lie. I ended up receiving slightly flavoured milk and cream with some matcha powder sprinkled on top. I couldn't even finish the drink because it tasted too much like milk.

Final verdict: never buy this

Oliver Brown Canberra: Hot matcha latte $4.50

This matcha latte was just incredibly sweet and didn't have much matcha flavour to it.

Final verdict: maybe try this if you haven't ever matcha and need a sweet intro to the flavour?

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