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🍵Matcha Reviews: MILLÉ & B PATISSERIE

MILLÉ & B is a small speciality crepe cake store tucked away in a corner under a big corporate/apartment building at the top end of Melbourne city. They offer a a good range of crepe cakes in Asian flavours (jasmine, black sesame, matcha, taro and durian just to name a few), macarons and some standard cafe beverages. The shop itself was actually quite a challenge to find as Google Maps didn't display its entrance very clearly (you need to enter from Victoria St as opposed to Bouverie St). Once you get inside the store, there is a small narrow space housing the front counter and a few small tables. It's not a big open space that can accomodate a large numbers of patrons, but the shop provides a place where you can sit to enjoy a slice of cake if it isn't super busy. The service was very friendly and we received our drink and cakes very quickly.

Matcha latte $5, Matcha Adzuki crepe cake $8.90, Jasmine crepe cake $8.90

The matcha latte was well-blended and a good size. The texture was nice and frothy, however I thought the matcha flavour could've been a bit stronger balanced with more sweetness as it was mostly a milky flavour.

The matcha adzuki crepe cake was beautifully presented as the cake had lovely neat crepe layers and a lovely green colour. The little toppings didn't really do much for me taste-wise but they did add to the aesthetic of the cake. The matcha flavour in the crepe cake was a little too subtle for me as I would've personally preferred the bitterness of the matcha to cut through the cream a little more.

The jasmine cake was also presented nicely with very neat crepe layers. The jasmine flavour was definitely very strong in this cake, though for me it was a bit too strong. The cream had a very strong jasmine essence flavour throughout that made it taste a little artificial. I think this cake would've been perfect if the jasmine flavour was just a bit more subtle.

Overall, this cake trip to MILLÉ & B was quite enjoyable. We were lucky enough to have visited when it wasn't busy at all so we basically had the shop all to ourselves. For $8.90 I do think that the cakes are on the smaller side as they are quite narrow slices, but I can forgive the price point for such niche flavours that are difficult to find. It's usually a little harder to impress me with crepe cakes as getting the balance right with tea flavours is no easy task. I find that with these subtle tea flavours in crepe cakes, the cream flavour tends to dominate and sometimes cream is all I can taste, so MILLÉ & B did a relatively good job with these two cakes I tried today.


Atmosphere and venue: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Presentation: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Taste: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Value: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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