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🍵Matcha Reviews: HIBIKI | Matcha Latte

It was such a lovely surprise when my dear friend and colleague walked into work today with this matcha latte in her hand. Knowing what a matcha fanatic I am, she was kind enough to bring HIBIKI's matcha latte for me to try. There aren't any cafes around my work that offer decent matcha options so I felt very spoilt. I personally haven't visited HIBIKI so I didn't get to see the actual cafe or get a feel for the atmosphere, but I'll be sure to pay the cafe a visit sometime soon.

Matcha Latte $5

I believe my friend got me the smaller sized matcha latte as HIBIKI offers two sizes: a smaller one priced at $5 and a larger one for $7. The latte had a lovely bright green colour which suggested that they used real matcha powder instead of syrup for this matcha latte. The latte was overall very well blended and had a subtle matcha flavour. I do wish the matcha flavour was slightly stronger but was very grateful it didn't have an unpleasant syrup-y taste. One thing I noticed was that they didn't add any sweetener to the drink, however since I wasn't there to request it, this won't have a negative impact on my thoughts for HIBIKI's matcha latte. If I was able to add some sugar or sweetener to the drink I think the balance would've been perfect for me. The size of the matcha latte was also quite generous, however I will need to double check whether this size cost $5 or $7 to determine my thoughts on the value.

The overall flavour of this matcha latte reminded me a lot of Starbuck's green tea latte (one of the more reliable hot matcha lattes I've tried), except it didn't have any sweetness to it. The texture was nice and frothy, which is definitely more enjoyable than a thin, watery latte. Unfortunately I did get some matcha clumps near the end of the beverage, which was not very pleasant to consume, so hopefully I can receive a matcha latte that is really well-blended and smooth to drink from HIBIKI next time.

Final verdict: WORTH ANOTHER SHOT 🤔

Atmosphere and venue: To be determined

Presentation: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Taste: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Value: To be determined

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